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Explorer Trio


A perfect introduction to the Biophile system, these three unique formulas are designed to work in synergy with each other on the skin. Follow this easy regime for the ultimate Biophile glow!

Biophile Explorer Trio Skin Routine Set Includes: 

Root Bionic Refining Essence- A radiance-boosting treatment for devitalized skin. The perfect prep for Biophile's serum.

Bio-Shroom Rejuvenating Serum- The ultimate skin food and age-defying rejuvenator.

Bio Barrier Nourishing Oil- A nourishing oil that strengthens and fortifies the skin. The last step for a 'plump-and-seal' effect.


Superpower Ingredients

See individual product pages for full ingredient listing.

Full Ingredient List
See individual product pages for full ingredient listing.


Defying conventional beauty wisdom, Biophile uses skin's own biological process as an active ingredient. Biophile believes skin's microbiome is as unique as a fingerprint. It's not an inactive canvas, but rather a dynamic ecosystem that works synergistically with Biophile's secret sauce: a fermented stew of medicinal plants, adaptogenic fungi and mineral rich superfoods that yields a post-biotic broth teeming with amino acids, organic acids, enzymes, vitamins, peptides and expolysaccharides. This bio-responsive tincture is infused with other actives and readily absorbed to replenish and nourish skin's microbiome.

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