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H. Gillerman

Jaw Clenching Remedy

Provide relief from the painful sensations of a clenched jaw, like headache, toothache, earache, and facial pain, with H. Gillerman Jaw Clenching Remedy. A natural remedy for TMJ symptoms, this essential oil blend is carefully crafted to offer a calming and relaxing feel to muscles, and give a soothing sense to emotions. A sweet, earthy fragrance provides a grounding feel.


Apply oil blend to pulse points for a feeling of relief from discomfort due to clenched jaw


Full Ingredient List

Unrefined Extra Virgin Olive Oil*; Essential Oils Of Lavender*, Palmarosa**, Vetiver*, German Chamomile*, Non-Gmo Vitamin E, Essential Oil Of Patchouli*




Hope Gillerman, founder, formulator, and holistic healer, crafted her line of essential oil wellness remedies to address the most common stress-related complaints through nature’s most concentrated extracts. H. Gillerman Organics® is an extension of her 40 years of helping people resolve stress-related mind and body issues. She developed the H. Gillerman Organics products tohelp deepen your breathing, relax your muscles, improve your sleep, soothe your skin, adjust to travel and the stress in your life as they lift your spirits and sharpen your focus.

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