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Bestseller Minis Collection

Bestseller Minis Collection - Beauty Heroes® Bestseller Minis Collection - Beauty Heroes®

Bestseller Minis Collection




A $98 value available for $72!

This limited edition collection of OSEA’s head-to-toe bestsellers in mini sizes includes everything you need for glowing skin, from top to bottom.

Ocean Cleanser (.6 oz) – A refreshing mineral-rich seaweed cleansing gel for clean, energized and balanced skin.

Hyaluronic Sea Serum  (.2 oz) – This high-performance hydrating serum will leave your skin looking smooth and plump while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Seabiotic Water Cream (.24 oz) – OSEA’s microbiome-friendly, lightweight moisturizer has been shown to deliver 72+ hours of deep hydration to leave your skin feeling quenched and nourished.

Undaria Algae Body Butter (.5 oz) - This next-level body butter will leave the skin feeling deeply nourished and firm.

Anti-Aging Body Balm (1 oz) – OSEA’s seaweed-rich, gentle exfoliating body treatment reveals softer, more supple skin.

Undaria Algae Body Oil (1 oz) - OSEA’s topseller, this seaweed-infused body oil leaves dry skin feeling moisturized, silky-soft and glowing by combining eleven botanical oils with Undaria Seaweed.


See Individual product pages for complete product directions. 


Full Ingredient List

See Individual product pages for full ingredient listing. 


In the 1980’s, when Jenefer Palmer founded OSEA, she was ahead of her time. The Spa Director and Aromatherapist had a vision for a natural, luxury, spa-quality skincare line based on the vast benefits of seaweed. Environmentally conscious and meticulous, Jenefer’s approach to formulation required her to go to the ends of the earth to find the purest, most potent source of seaweed, which she discovered in the pristine channels of Patagonia. Far removed from the heavily polluted waterway traffic, overgrown sea algae, specifically Undaria, Gigartina and Macrocystis, are sustainably collected from scuba divers who are conscious not to disrupt the natural ecosystem thriving off the coasts of Chile and Argentina.


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