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Kansa Wand

Kansa Wand - Beauty Heroes® Kansa Wand - Beauty Heroes® Kansa Wand - Beauty Heroes® Kansa Wand - Beauty Heroes® Kansa Wand - Beauty Heroes®

Kansa Wand


Used for over 5,000 years by Ayurvedic practitioners, the Kansa Wand is made from teak wood and Kansa metal - mix of copper and tin. Ancient wisdom claims this metal to be more healing than gold or silver and helps increase your skin’s ability to heal. The Kansa Wand is designed to boost circulation, plump, depuff, firm and soften fine lines. Note: Due to the nature of Kansa metal, a grey effect can occur on the skin. Easily rinse-able with water, the greying effect is seen as a sign that your skin is detoxing.


Apply 2 to 3 drops of Radiant Rani or your favorite serum and massage in small circular motions with your Ayurvedic Kansa Wand applying light pressure all over the face.


Full Ingredient List

100% Teak Wood Handle With A Base Of Pure Kansa (Copper + Tin)


Michelle Ranavat, Founder of RANAVAT, was inspired by the traditional Ayurvedic skin care treatments passed down to her, and over the years saw first-hand the potency and efficacy of traditional Indian botanicals. Her background in engineering inspired her to modernize these treatments and craft an Ayurvedic skin care line that was based on the principle of “ingredients first” – extracted purely to keep all vitamins, minerals and skin-enhancing properties as close to nature as possible. RANAVAT beautifully blends traditional ingredients into formulas that inspire moments of regal ritual and self-care.

Please note, RANAVAT products are excluded from promotions including the Beauty Heroes member discount.


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