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Glow Getter Duo

Glow Getter Duo Glow Getter Duo Glow Getter Duo Glow Getter Duo

Glow Getter Duo




A $133 Value Available for $99 

Give the gift of glow with Graydon's Glow Getter Duo. 

Here's What's inside: 

1x Face GlowThis lightweight formula is designed to give you a natural glow while delivering many skin benefits. Can be used all over the face, as a tinted primer before makeup or worn alone for a natural dewy look.

1x Fullmoon Serum Help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with this retinol alternative. Formulated with superfood ingredients leaving your skin feeling lifted and revitalized. Shield your skin from every day pollutants with the Fullmoon Serum. 


See individual product page for how to use instructions. 


Full Ingredient List

See individual product page for full ingredient listing.  


After falling in love with the vibrancy of superfoods in culinary school, Graydon Moffat migrated to Southern California and fell into the yoga scene, becoming a sought-after teacher. Finding the natural connection between yoga, nutrition, and beauty, Graydon used her recipe-crafting skills to concoct topical formulas for friends and fellow yogis. As demand for her small-batch, superfood skincare grew, she learned to scale her formulations and developed a bonafide brand. Today, the Canadian plant-based skincare line has a cult following and Graydon’s culinary skills are more valuable than ever. Now when she’s going through local farmers markets, she’s searching for unusual ingredients for her next product.


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