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Bar Soap

Bar Soap Bar Soap

Bar Soap



When the ingredients are this good, you only need one. Introducing Ingredients® Bar Soap, an ultra-pure body bar made from 100% saponified certified organic olive oil from the oldest heirloom trees in the Mediterranean. Hand poured, cut and carefully cured using ancient soap-making methods with over 400 years of tradition, this artisanal soap melts onto skin as it lathers, leaving it softer than ever.

 Each bar lasts longer than traditional soap due to its high lipid concentration and careful curing, making it a highly sustainable AND luxurious way to bathe.  Rich in antioxidants and polyphenols to nourish skin while retaining moisture and supporting elasticity.


Lather over entire body; rinse, live, repeat. Can be used as shampoo to help control dandruff. 


Superpower Ingredients

Olive Oil 

Full Ingredient List

Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil*



The objective of Ingredients® is to raise the bar on purity and redefine what safe products should be about. Their definition was simple—yet not easy to achieve. The goal: products made with 100% pure plant-based ingredients that would not be diluted with water. There would be no hidden fillers or chemical preservatives. For maximum efficacy, they limited their formulas to the fewest ingredients— and delivered them in high dosages. Then they did something radically transparent. It was something no other brand had ever done before. They printed the name of every ingredient—along with the exact percentage used—on the front of the bottles so everyone can know exactly what each product contains. It was this obsessive focus on natural plant-based ingredients that inspired the company name.


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