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Marley's Monsters

Reusable Facial Rounds

Color: White
Mixed Naturals + Browns
Mixed Greys + Black
Vintage Lemons

Set of 20

Save money and the environment with these Reusable Facial Rounds. Tired of throwing money down the drain on single-use cotton pads? Not to mention all of that waste in landfills! Perfect for a zero waste skincare routine, these reusable cotton pads are soft and sustainable. Super gentle on skin, the pads have serged edges for durability. No fraying or coming apart. Best yet, they are machine washable. Use to remove makeup, apply toner, and any other beauty use you can think up. One package contains 20 pads and they come in white, natural beige tones, grey and black, and lemon print.


Use these soft, nontoxic pads to remove eye makeup, cleanse the skin, apply toner, remove nail polish, blot the face, and tons of other beauty uses. Machine wash in warm water with like colors and tumble dry.


Full Ingredient List

100% Cotton Flannel


Marley's Monsters makes eco-friendly and reusable goods for home, beauty, and baby. The brand was founded by interior designer Sarah who believes that living an eco-friendly lifestyle should be fun and unique to your style. Through having two children in a world full of disposables, Sarah has realized the importance of reducing our waste with multi-functional products that provide environmental and cost savings.

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