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Harmonic Hair Renew Value Set

Harmonic Hair Renew Value Set Harmonic Hair Renew Value Set Harmonic Hair Renew Value Set Harmonic Hair Renew Value Set
Innersense Organic Beauty

Harmonic Hair Renew Value Set




A $142 value, available for $80! Free Full-Size Innersense Scalp Scrub Included!

Treat yourself to the ultimate scalp care routine. This four-step ritual features clean, high-performance formulas created to restore harmony to the scalp. Receiving proper cleansing and nourishment is fundamental to scalp health to encourage a balanced environment for hair to flourish. Formulated with ingredients like magnesium oil, zinc, pea sprout extract and hemp seed to remove buildup, help soothe irritation and provide hydration. 

What's Included:

Hair Renew Pre Wash Treatment 2oz - Created to cleanse and exfoliate buildup, this scalp treatment purifies and nourishes the scalp for healthy hair. Includes magnesium and zinc gluconate to refresh the scalp balancing natural oils for optimal hair growth.  

Hair Renew Daily Active Serum 1oz - Help reduce flaking and dryness caused by irritation. This calming serum restores harmony to scalps in distress. A formula featuring celery seed and hemp seed oil to address common scalp conditions such as flaking, itching, dryness and irritation. 

Clear Quartz Scalp Comb - Improve circulation to support product distribution by also providing an uplifting release of energy. 

True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub (6.7 oz) - This pre-cleanse exfoliation treatment is formulated with mineral-rich Hawaiian red salt and apple extract to help purify the scalp of buildup, while celery seed extract soothes and balances, and peppermint oil stimulates blood flow.


Hair Renew Pre-Wash Treatment - Section wet or dry hair and apply directly to scalp, massaging in with fingertips. Leave on for 5 minutes then rinse. Follow with Shampoo and Conditioner. 

Hair Renew Daily Active Serum - Section wet or dry hair, apply 4-6 drops directly to scalp and massage gently with fingertips or Clear Quartz Scalp Massager. Can be used daily or as a post-wash treatment. 

Clear Quartz Scalp Massager - Glide massager along the scalp to remove buildup and flakes, massage product into skin and provide an uplifting release of energy. 


Full Ingredient List

See Individual product page for full ingredient listing. 


Innersense was founded on the belief that we are all reflections of our inner world. After their firstborn daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, beauty industry veterans Greg and Joanne Starkman sought counsel to help navigate the unchartered territory of raising a child with a disability. Their most reassuring advice was simply, “trust your inner sense.” Today, through the vehicle of organic beauty, they inspire customers all over the world to trust their inner wisdom, the greatest source of enduring happiness and peace. Innersense was formulated for daily ritual. Each organic hair product delivers beauty without compromise; salon-quality results without any of the harsh or toxic ingredients commonly found in traditional salon products.

With a commitment to complete ingredient transparency, Innersense is formulated with the highest regard for customers, environment, and planet. Using organic, wild-harvested, and biodynamic plant ingredients, the organic hair care collection is free of sulfates, ethoxylates, petrochemicals, formaldehyde compounds, PEGs, and phthalates and made without artificial color and fragrance, GMOs, gluten and parabens. Innersense is also a 1% For the Planet Company, a certified green company, and a compact signer of the Safe Cosmetics and Truth in Labeling Acts.


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