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Saalt Cup Regular

Saalt Cup Regular - Beauty Heroes® Saalt Cup Regular - Beauty Heroes® Saalt Cup Regular - Beauty Heroes® Saalt Cup Regular - Beauty Heroes® Saalt Cup Regular - Beauty Heroes® Saalt Cup Regular - Beauty Heroes®

Saalt Cup Regular

4 reviews



Ocean Blue


“comfortable, environmentally friendly, and less stressful!!!”

- Jamie

The Saalt Cup provides reliable period protection without the risks associated with using conventional tampons. The soft reusable silicone cup is worn internally like a tampon but acts as a collection receptacle rather than absorbing. A seal forms between the cup and the vaginal wall, eliminating worries over leaks or spills and offers up to 12 hours of protection. Once the non-toxic menstrual cup is filled, simply remove, rinse, and reinsert. The Saalt Cup means chemical-free period care, day and night.


Regular (blue) is best for heavy days or nighttime. With clean hands, fold Saalt Cup into a C shape and insert it into the vagina. Slide up and back toward the tailbone until the body of the cup is completely inside. Position comfortably, usually slightly lower than a tampon, and release. Pinch the base of the cup and turn to create a seal and prevent leakage. Run a finger around the outside middle of the cup to ensure there are no folds. To remove, break the suction by pinching the base of the cup with thumb and index finger. Wiggle the cup side to side and gently pull out, keeping upright to avoid spillage. Saalt Cup may be sanitized by boiling in water for 4-5 minutes, making sure the cup doesn't touch the bottom of the pot.


Full Ingredient List

100% Medical-Grade Silicone, and BPA-, Latex-, and Chemical-Free Dyes


Saalt menstrual cups empower you to take care of your period in a healthy and sustainable way. Made in the United States with a focus on quality, education, and service, Saalt is the highest standard menstrual cup on the market. Founders Cherie and Amber are passionate about supporting women around the world by helping them care for their periods, diverting waste, funding education, and wanted to take the menstrual cup mainstream. The name Saalt represents something that is essential for our bodies and that period care should be distinct, simple, and elemental.


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United States United States

Why wait?!

I have been using the Saalt cup for two cycles now and there is no turning back! I have a heavier flow and the cup has changed my life. I used to have to wake up in the middle of the night to deal with my period. Not anymore! I cannot recommend the Saalt cup enough!!


Beauty Heroes®

Hi Zoey, We are so happy to hear that you have found a Hero Product in the Saalt Cup! Thank you for sharing your experience : )

Hazel H.
United States United States

Life Changer

I. Love. This. Cup! Literally a game changer in the world of periods. I can go a full day without having to worry about leaking or anything and I love it. I can even go camping with my cup and not worry about having to dispose of tampons. The best!


Beauty Heroes®

Hi Hazel, Thank you for sharing your experience with the Saalt. We are so happy to hear that this has been a game changer for you : )

United States United States

highly recommend!

comfortable, environmentally friendly, and less stressful!!!


Beauty Heroes®

Hi Jamie, These are the same things we also love about Saalt! Thank you for sharing : )

Lynne C.

Life Changing.

Set it and forget it. This cup has seriously changed my life. I have a medium flow and I empty this cup morning and night and that's it. I don't have to carry around supplies or worry about changing said supplies. I am not spending money on those supplies or sending them into the environment. The insertion/removal does take a little getting used to but it is WORTH IT!

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