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Blüh Alchemy Discovery

Blüh Alchemy Discovery Blüh Alchemy Discovery Blüh Alchemy Discovery Blüh Alchemy Discovery
Blüh Alchemy

Blüh Alchemy Discovery



Our September Discovery featuring Blüh Alchemy.

The things we love most about summer – long days in the sunshine and the great outdoors – can take their toll on our skin. Worth it? Absolutely. Reparable? Mostly, yes. Early autumn is the perfect time to begin skin recovery rituals that help repair the visible signs of sun damage, regenerate sun-soaked cells and freshen up the face, leaving only the afterglow of summer behind. This month’s Discovery offers an effective alternative to chemical peels with a two-step treatment that resurfaces and restores the skin with the undeniable power of plants.

It begins with our Sidekick, The Superfruit AHA + BHA Resurfacing Mask by Blüh Alchemy. This exotic sweet jelly mask features a synergy of cellular extracts that perfectly preserve the potency, purity and wholeness of the fruit acids, including papaya acid, pineapple acid, finger lime caviar and silky oil grass to gently exfoliate and slough away dead skin cells, clear pores and reduce signs of inflammation, irritation and hyperpigmentation.

Part two of this month’s recovery ritual delivers the juicy hydration and a potent helping of antioxidants and essential nutrients that skin craves after exfoliation. Vital Moisture Mask is our Hero product with a completely original ingredient stack of cellular extracted bioactives that replenish what’s been lost due to UV damage and other environmental factors, dehydration and age.

This Discovery has a value of $142. 

*1 Month Discovery purchasers are exempt from the Beauty Heroes Member discount and available while supplies last. 


Upon discovering and experimenting with dozens of rare botanicals that she witnessed to have transformative physiological effects on the skin, Becky Blüh, Founder of Blüh Alchemy Skincare sought a formal training in cosmetic chemistry. During this time, she worked closely with top natural chemists to develop what eventually became an edited line of botanical skincare that utilizes synergistic blends of potent native extracts to guard against premature aging while protecting against environmental aggressors and oxidative stress. With a small, treatment-focused range featuring a wide spectrum of rare botanicals, Blüh Alchemy delivers a blühprint for achieving optimal skin health, naturally.


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