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Perfect Finish Buffer Brush

Buffer Brush - Beauty Heroes®

Perfect Finish Buffer Brush



Use Sappho Buffer Brush to deliver an ultimately refined looking complexion. Tightly packed, super fine bristles give skin a high def appearance that any makeup aficionado will adore. The perfect follow up to foundation application, use this unique brush to buff and blend for a flawless look. Synthetic fibers and a bamboo handle are easy to clean. Super soft bristles are gentle on skin and the compact size makes for convenient stowing in purse, gym bag, or beauty kit. You'll wonder how you ever went without this special small blending brush.




As a celebrity makeup artist, it wasn’t JoAnn Fowler’s intention to create a makeup line. After L-Word actress Mia Kirshner requested paraben-free makeup, Fowler searched for natural options to no avail. Upon researching the negative effects of toxins in makeup, Fowler struggled to find the performance she craved in clean formulas. With a few nudges of support from Kirshner, JoAnn followed the calling to formulate a green makeup line suitable for being on-set and Sappho was born. As head of the makeup department for The L-Word, she had the perfect canvas to test her formulas, and in the end named each of the twelve Sappho foundation shades after the female cast members of the show. Every detail of each Sappho product has been mindfully crafted, from the eco-friendly, biosphere-treated compostable tubes and glass foundation bottles, to the details of the mascara brush and melt-into-your skin formulas. JoAnn quickly proved that performance and luxury doesn’t have to suffer with safe products.


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