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DAILY Immune +

DAILY Immune + Daily Daily Refill DAILY Immune + DAILY Immune +

DAILY Immune +



DAILY Immune + Bottle: 108 Vegan Capsules
DAILY Immune + Refill Pack: 108 Vegan Capsules

DAILY Immune + is your prescription for raising your body’s baseline. Formulated with the prebiotic power of turmeric, ginger and yacon root, an adaptogenic mushroom complex, and the antioxidant support of maqui, camu camu and tetra SOD algae, this potent blend works synergistically to bring the body into balance and maintain vitality in the face of daily stresses.

STAMBA DAILY Immune + is available in a 108 capsule (27 serving) bottle as well as in a compostable refill pack to help you live a little lighter. Once you finish your first bottle of STAMBA DAILY Immune + simply order the refill pack to replenish!


1 serving per day (4 capsules per serving) is recommended, preferable before or with breakfast. You may find that more than 1 serving suits your body's needs: each capsule contains freeze-dried food, so there is no risk in increasing your dosage or taking too much. 


Superpower Ingredients

Acai, Cacao, Camu Camu, Chaga, Cordyceps, Ginger, Green Papaya, Maca, Maqui, Reishi, Tetra SOD Algae, Turmeric, Yacon Root

Full Ingredient List

Camu Camu*, Cordyceps*, Maca*, Cacao*, Reishi*, Green Papaya*, Turmeric*, Chaga*, Maitake*, Maqui*, Acai*, Ginger*, Yacon Root*, Tetra SOD Algae*



STAMBA is a range of whole food supplements uniquely formulated for optimal synergy and maximum bioavailability. Founded by integrative nutritionist and wellness advocate, Asa Siegel, STAMBA focuses on supporting a healthy diet with the most nutritious superfoods on the planet delivered in an easy to take format. Unlike fleeting experiences derived from synthetic, artificial, and isolated sources, STAMBA products nurture the sustained experience of your most radiant and vital self. Taking utmost care to source only the most beneficial, nutrient-dense, whole food ingredients, STAMBA is designed to integrate seamlessly into your daily routine.


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