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Josh Rosebrook

Herbal Infusion Oil

Herbal Infusion by Josh Rosebrook is a potent 3-in-1 oil cleanser, make up remover, and phytonutrient dense moisturizer that works gently on all skin types to deeply cleanse and purify, give the appearance of brightened and hydrated skin, and help support the skin's ability to retain moisture.


Massage over cleansed face until fully absorbed. Follow with natural foundation, powder or makeup if desired. 


Superpower Ingredients

Alfalfa, Apricot, Bilberry, Calendula, Chickweed, Elm, Fennel, Ginkgo, Green Tea, Grape Seed, Hawthorn Berry, Jojoba, Marshmallow, Neem, Olive, Rose, Rosewood, Rose Geranium, Skullcap, Slipper Elm

Full Ingredient List

Olive Oil*, Hemp Seed Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Sunflower Oil*, Grape Seed Oil*, Sesame Oil*, Apricot Oil*, Almond Oil*, Calendula*, Slippery Elm*, Marshmallow Root*, Bilberry*, Neem*, Alfalfa*, Skullcap*, Fennel*, Chickweed*, Ginkgo*, Hawthorn Berry*, Green Tea*, Rosewood Essential Oil, Damask Rose Essential Oil, Rose Geranium Essential Oil



Josh Rosebrook brings a refreshing, holistic approach to skin and hair care, always returning to the universal truth that our bodies know how to heal themselves. Josh Rosebrook has become a household name in green beauty circles for delivering consistently high-quality products that support the skin by first addressing inflammation, the root cause of premature aging. Additional antioxidant protection and collagen-boosting phytonutrients from plant synergies are masterfully blended into each formulation to deliver peak performance and lasting results. Josh works with a team of phytochemists and herbalists who understand the power of plants to return the body to a state of optimal balance. His line has a distinctly universal appeal that transcends skin type, age, and gender. Guided by a passion for skin and hair care education, Josh uses his brand as a platform to teach us about the true power of plants to support our total skin, hair, and body wellbeing.

Please note, all Josh Rosebrook products are excluded from promotions including the Beauty Heroes member discount.

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