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Limited Edition Wellness Bundle

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A $70 Value Available for $49!

Limited Edition Wellness Bundle Featuring Ingredients® Wellness

The Ingredients® formulas follow a farm-to-table model as closely as possible, abbreviating the supply chain to deliver organic formulas that are more accessible to everyone. Questions about ingredients? Just look on the front of the box or bottle. Each ingredient and its percentages are listed right there, taking transparency, and wellness to a whole new level. 

Ingredients® Throat Spray features a concentrated elderberry juice and a proprietary blend of ginger, thyme, turmeric, lemon juice and Australian Mānuka honey to soothe your throat. Shake well before use. As a dietary supplement, spray 2-4 times directly into the mouth and swallow.

Created from one ingredient, natural seawater, this Nasal Spray washes away city dust and dirt, allergy-causing weeds and molds and foreign particles for soothing nasal hygiene. The spray is non-medicated and preservative-frree, and the seawater is collected 32 meets below sea level from the North Sea's Gullmar Fjord, known as God's ocean. Gently insert the clean nozzle into the nostril, tilt your head to one side, spray 2-3 seconds, then repeat for the other nostril. Blow your nose and clean the nozzle with warm water after each use. 

In an on-the-go, clean-hand-conscious world, this is the perfect way to ensure clean hands when soap and water are not available. Non-drying, organic Purifying Hand Spray is made with sugar cane alcohol, which works to purify, and an essential oil blend of lemon, rosemary and ho wood to sanitize hands. This is a must-have for handbags, cars, anywhere you're on the go - especially air travel. 

LastTissue from LastObject - We know that wellness doesn't stop with us, it extends to our planet. LastObject is making it easy for us to care for the earth by arming us with solutions to single use, everyday products. We'll include their LastTissue reusable tissue pack with 6 washable handkerchiefs to compliment this Ingredients® wellness collection. Dispense fresh tissues from the bottom and place used tissues on top over the silicone separator. Launder the tissues, wash the case and repeat. 

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See individual product pages for detailed how to use it instructions.


Full Ingredient List

See individual product pages for complete ingredient listing. 


Natureofthings is a modern wellness house with a firm belief of self-care. Meaning taking care of oneself as a daily ritual and being present in the moment to live a healthier lifestyle and a bright future ahead. With a belief in the healing alchemy of the natural world, utilizing ingredients that come from the earth like plants, minerals, and elements to naturally comply with oneself and the planet. Created for all, Natureofthings is made for everyone and everybody, mind and spirit. Standing for exceptional quality, science-baked results and a commitment to total transparency.  This is the true nature of things. 

Due to the ready to give gift set nature of this Limited Edition Discovery it is excluded from our Monthly Love More Gift promotion. 

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