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Monkey Makeup Case

Monkey Makeup Case - Beauty Heroes® Monkey Makeup Case - Beauty Heroes®
Roller Rabbit

Monkey Makeup Case



Pink Monkey


Small: 5" W x 9 1/2" L 

Large: 8" W x 10 1/2" L

The Roller Rabbit Monkey Makeup Case is a travel necessity that is perfect for all of your journeys. The hand printed in small batches cotton canvas is coated inside and out with polyvinyl so it is easy to clean and water resistant. Practical in size and shape, this travel makeup case is a stylish and convenient companion to take along from weekend trips to adventures abroad. Available in both pink OR blue monkey prints.

Please note: Roller Rabbit products are hand dyed, and each piece is beautiful and unique. You may see very minor variations in the dye pattern, which is part of the unique quality of each item. 



Full Ingredient List

100% Polyvinyl Coated Cotton Canvas


The Roller Rabbit story begins in India with a piece of discarded fabric. More than a piece of hand-blocked printed cotton, this fabric told the magical tale of the Roller Rabbit and its quest for joy leading us to what the company does today – make clothing, accessories, and home furnishings that make us happy. The playful prints, incredible attention to detail, and hand-made nature of that piece of fabric from India many years ago created a lens to look through as Roller Rabbit shares their globally inspired products.


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