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Unitum Holiday Gift Set

Unitum Holiday Gift Set Unitum Holiday Gift Set Unitum Holiday Gift Set

Unitum Holiday Gift Set




A $599 Value Available for $320!

Ayuna has united three of their best-sellers in this Limited Edition Holiday Set Unitum, designed to nourish the skin and mind. 

Discover What's Inside: 

1x Cellular Face Oil - A powerful revitalizing serum-in-oil that softens and brightens the skin while triggering the skin’s energy rejuvenation cycles. This exquisite combination nourishes and rejuvenates the skin by stimulating the energy generation of its own cells.

1x Cream IIIA supreme ultra-rich face cream that promotes longevity, hydration, diminishes wrinkles, lifts your mood, providing the skin with a flawless appearance. Included with turmeric, and cannabis stem cells that visibly improve the quality of your skin. 

1x Dojo Mindful FragranceInspired by Ayuna’s iconic scent, Dojo, is a conscious Perfume that translates the essence of the purest and most emotive skincare into niche perfumery, is a tribute to beauty made into a fragrance. 


See individual product pages for complete product directions.  


Full Ingredient List

See individual product pages for full ingredient listing.


Ayuna was founded by Isabel Ramos and Begoña San Juan, two seasoned beauty professionals with a vision for innovation. Begoña is a master esthetician, passionate beauty industry professional and expert in product development, Spa and Wellness therapies and aesthetic treatments. Dr. Isabel Ramos has a PhD in chemistry and is an expert in Green Technology and the development of natural cosmetics with a unique understanding the science of the skin, biochemical and biophysical mechanisms and the art of product textures.

Through Ayuna's essential skincare products, Begoña and Isabel introduce a whole new dimension to how to treat the skin based on topical fasting and well-aging. Topical fasting has the same basis as general fasting; eliminate overstimulation, limit intake and provide a balanced diet to allow for self-repair and self-regeneration mechanisms to be immediately activated. Well-aging applies the principles of epigenetics and the brain-skin connection to refocus our view of skin aging. Research shows that our thoughts, lifestyle and environment can alter our DNA. Ayuna skincare embraces this research, with a slow and intentional approach to aging that gives us the space to connect with beauty in a positive way and adapt the teachings of mindfulness to the realm of beauty. Begoña and Isabel’s experience in skincare, combined with their extensive understanding of the sophisticated beauty client, active ingredients and application methodology led them to a natural evolution in the field of skincare. From this alliance of knowledge and experience Ayuna, Less Is Beauty was born – an evolutionary scientific-botanical approach to cosmetics that favors simple beauty and a commitment to pure, effective and clean cosmetics.


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