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NOTE: Limited Edition Discoveries DO NOT qualify towards our LOVE MORE gift included with orders $125+ from our Beauty Store.

The concept is simple: detoxify and replenish regularly to counter the negative effects of modern life. This month’s Limited Edition Wellness Discovery by Pursoma takes the fundamentals of self-care to a new level of luxury with two targeted wellness bathing rituals.

Both The Detox Collection and The Recover Collection include the Pursoma Detox Brush, a tool that encourages detoxification, cellular renewal, and full body rejuvenation — available to purchase for a limited time at $59 each.

Detox Collection
($97 value)

Ideal for digital device junkies, featuring Pursoma’s Hero product and all-natural sleep aid known for its renewing abilities, Digital Detox Bath Treatment, Minerals de Mer Soak to rebalance the mind and body after overindulgence, Refresh Polish made to soften the appearance of the skin.

Digital Detox Bath, 10 oz. (value $34)
The Pursoma Digital Detox Bath is a 1-day cleanse package that lends a feeling of powerful environmental detoxification.

Minerals de Mer Soak, 4 oz. (value $14)
Sea minerals from French grey sea salt and wild-harvested seaweed provide a feeling of instant relief of sore muscles, specifically after travel or intense exercise.

Refresh Polish, 4 oz. ($17 value)
Formulated with carefully selected marine ingredients, this tropics-inspired skin scrub is made with brown and green algae, oats and quinoa and rice bran oil to boost the appearance of luminosity while lending a purified feel to the skin.

The Pursoma Detox Brush (value $34)
The ideal complement to any Pursoma bath soak, this ethically harvested jute fiber brush gently sloughs the skin and promotes a feeling of revitalization.

Recover Collection
($103 value)

Think of it as a ritualistic reboot, featuring Hot Tub Bath Treatment made with restoring blends of warming ginger as an antidote to the common cold, Après Savasana Soak is intended to keep the body in a state of homeostasis after any workout, and the Renew Polish will hydrate the appearance of your skin.

Hot Tub Bath, 10 oz. (value $36)
French green clay, French grey salt and organic ginger are combined to create a warming and detoxifying feel that will promote a sensation of stimulated circulation. It is the ideal treat for you or a friend at the onset of cold or flu-like symptoms.

Apres Savasana Soak 4 oz. (value $18)
A centering blend of frankincense, ho wood, atlas cedarwood and Himalayan cedarwood oils boost the sensations of stillness, introspection, and the heart-opening benefits that flood the body after yoga and savasana.

Renew Polish, 4 oz. ($17 value)
Made with the finest quality fine sea salt, safflower, coconut, oat and quinoa exfoliate and moisturize in one with this indulgent body scrub that leaves skin looking velvety and youthful.

The Pursoma Detox Brush (value $34)
The ideal complement to any Pursoma bath soak, this ethically harvested jute fiber brush gently sloughs the skin and promotes a feeling of revitalization.

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Lauren H. - 08/10/2019

Best self-care ritual!

I am so glad I tried this. I ended up loving Pursoma and the bath ritual so much I have purchased this... three times? Maybe four? The body brush in this set is the softest and best brush I've used for dry brushing. I've ended up giving my extras (because I keep buying this LE Discovery) as gifts and everyone loves the brush. The bath soaks feel like the best kind of hug. Every time I get out of the tub I feel loved and incredibly relaxed. I though perhaps it was simply because I "slowed down" long enough to take a bath, but after using a few different bath products, I realized that level of relation magic was only happening with the Pursoma. Hot Tub is my favorite because of the ginger but they are all great. If you need to give yourself a little TLC, I highly recommend Pursoma!

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