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Discover Your Beauty Heroscope!

This weekend only, enjoy additional savings on these beauty and lifestyle Discoveries. This special pricing available through Monday, May 27th at midnight, while supplies last.

The stars align this Memorial Day weekend! The visions you’ve been having for your beauty and wellbeing can finally be realized, and any obstacle that has been standing in your way is gone. Whether you’re inspired to turn it up or tune inward, there’s something for every sign.

Limited Edition Wellness Discovery | PURSOMA

The concept is simple: detoxify and replenish regularly to counter the negative effects of modern life. This Limited Edition Wellness Discovery by Pursoma takes the fundamentals of self-care to a new level of luxury with two targeted wellness bathing rituals.

Both The Detox Collection and The Recover Collection include the Pursoma Detox Brush, a tool that encourages detoxification, cellular renewal, and full body rejuvenation.

Detox Collection
($97 value)

Ideal for digital device junkies, featuring Pursoma’s Hero product and all-natural sleep aid known for its renewing abilities, Digital Detox Bath Treatment, Minerals de Mer Soak to rebalance the mind and body after overindulgence, Refresh Polish made to soften the appearance of the skin.

Digital Detox Bath, 10 oz. (value $34)
The Pursoma Digital Detox Bath is a 1-day cleanse package that lends a feeling of powerful environmental detoxification.

Minerals de Mer Soak, 4 oz. (value $14)
Sea minerals from French grey sea salt and wild-harvested seaweed provide a feeling of instant relief of sore muscles, specifically after travel or intense exercise.

Refresh Polish, 4 oz. ($17 value)
Formulated with carefully selected marine ingredients, this tropics-inspired skin scrub is made with brown and green algae, oats and quinoa and rice bran oil to boost the appearance of luminosity while lending a purified feel to the skin.

The Pursoma Detox Brush (value $34)
The ideal complement to any Pursoma bath soak, this ethically harvested jute fiber brush gently sloughs the skin and promotes a feeling of revitalization.

Recover Collection
($103 value)

Think of it as a ritualistic reboot, featuring Hot Tub Bath Treatment made with restoring blends of warming ginger as an antidote to the common cold, Après Savasana Soak is intended to keep the body in a state of homeostasis after any workout, and the Renew Polish will hydrate the appearance of your skin.

Hot Tub Bath, 10 oz. (value $36)
French green clay, French grey salt and organic ginger are combined to create a warming and detoxifying feel that will promote a sensation of stimulated circulation. It is the ideal treat for you or a friend at the onset of cold or flu-like symptoms.

Apres Savasana Soak 4 oz. (value $18)
A centering blend of frankincense, ho wood, atlas cedarwood and Himalayan cedarwood oils boost the sensations of stillness, introspection, and the heart-opening benefits that flood the body after yoga and savasana.

Renew Polish, 4 oz. ($17 value)
Made with the finest quality fine sea salt, safflower, coconut, oat and quinoa exfoliate and moisturize in one with this indulgent body scrub that leaves skin looking velvety and youthful.

The Pursoma Detox Brush (value $34)
The ideal complement to any Pursoma bath soak, this ethically harvested jute fiber brush gently sloughs the skin and promotes a feeling of revitalization.

Limited Edition Lifestyle Discovery |  LIVING LIGHTER COLLECTION

$203 value

Living Lighter is the ultimate luxury. Our first-ever Living Lighter Discovery is a sustainable supplies kit to elevate your everyday life. Ordinary products like dental floss, toothpaste and deodorant, are reimagined in elegant sustainable, reusable and biodegradable packaging, featuring natural ingredients that perform.

And, each brand has their authentic way of giving back to the communities (and planet) that sustain them. Once you experience how chic and effortless an eco-conscious lifestyle can be, you’ll agree: less isn’t more; less is everything.

Tampon Alternative
No-Waste Period Care

$43.00 Value

Refillable Vegan Floss
100% Biodegradable Bamboo Fibre
Activated Charcoal, Tea Tree, Peppermint

$9.00 Value

Package of Two Toothbrushes
Hand delivered to schools in the U.S. while teaching about oral health
Decompostable in 6-8 Months

$10.00 Value

Premium, Healthy Charcoal Toothpaste
Sustainable, Cruelty-Free, Sulfate Free
5.25 oz.

$12.95 Value

Natural Deodorant
100% Compostable, Recyclable Packaging
Post-Consumer Paper or Glass Containers

$14.00 Value

Sweet Orange Tangerine Flavor
100% Compostable, Recyclable Packaging
All products in the line are "good enough to eat"

$14.00 Value

Botanical-based Hawaiian Skincare
Multi-purpose soother for skin, rashes, bug bites
Compostable Packaging

$48.00 Value

Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Kit with Glass Straw
Handmade by Northern California Artisans
Encased in Durable, Organic Cotton and Hemp To-Go Kit

$35.00 Value

Book by Ashlee Piper
Hilarious, Instructional, Inspiring
An Earth Day Must-Read

$17.00 Value

Limited Edition Wellness Discovery | Golde

$78 value

We’ve struck Golde! With turmeric at its base, Golde makes wellness accessible and delivers remarkable results with its line of Turmeric Tonic Blends, all Hero product in their own right. Formulated with coconut, ginger and turmeric, these powder blends mix easily in hot water and are ideal for an antioxidant boost anytime, anywhere.

This Limited Edition Wellness Discovery features three full-size Turmeric Tonic Blends—Original, Matcha and Cacao.

Original Turmeric Blend
Delicious anytime of the day, and especially before bed, this blend makes for a tasty addition to baked recipes and smoothies.

Matcha Turmeric Blend
Rich in antioxidants and caffeine, this turmeric-matcha blend makes for the perfect morning energy boost or in place of an afternoon coffee.

Cacao Turmeric Blend
When you’re in need of a soothing, bliss-inducing sweet treat at anytime of day.

Limited Edition Sleep Series Collection | DE MAMIEL

$193 value

Your sleep ritual is an essential component to an effective skincare routine, and the quality of sleep you experience is revealed in your skin the next day.

Settle stills your mind and reduces inflammation with its botanical blend of herbs, watermelon seed oil and passionflower oil, which maximize the impact of magnesium, zinc and Vitamin B—essential for a deep, calm sleep. (value $65)

Anchor is perfect for light sleepers; the herbal formula settles your mind by calming an overactive nervous system. (value $68)

Ideal for the mornings in need of an energy boost, Rise, through its blend of herbs, milk thistle and jojoba, will stimulate your body, both physically and emotionally, powering you with the verve to take on your day. (value $60)

Sleep Journal
Set aside time to reflect on anything on your mind—gratitude, unresolved issues and future plans—with the Sleep Journal. (value $12)

Limited Edition Makeup Discovery | AXIOLOGY

$101 value

The world according to Axiology: makeup should look good, feel good, be good and do good. This month’s Limited Edition Makeup Discovery proves that clean and color can live in stunning harmony. The cleanest lipstick on the market features fresh colors, bold new packaging and long lasting color that is vegan, cruelty-free and ethically sourced.

Each collection features a mix of sheer balms offering a light wash of color, soft creams with medium pigment and opaque creams with rich color payoff. Crayons can be used under lipsticks for a layered effect or on top for a semi-matte finish. Each chic tube contains nourishing butters and oils, delivered in a fresh, 100% hand-cycled paper box made in Bali.

Fiery Red
($101 value)

Go bold and create a semi-matte base with Valor, saturating lips with the buttery soft crayon. Keep it creamy with a layer or two of True, and add a sheer bright cherry sheen with a double layer of Strength.

Playfully Pink
($101 value)

Burst bright with the orangey-pink base with the super moisturizing semi-matte crayon of Vibration. A swipe of creamy, rich Bonafide smack dab in the center your pucker will give the illusion of fuller lips. For a delicate dusty rose vibe in a flawless shade of soft pink, opt for two layers of soft, creamy Loyalty.

Naturally Neutral
($101 value)

Mattify lips in rose-inspired Enduring crayon, and follow with balmy Spirit for a dab of daytime drama or Devotion for a creamy, coppery effect come evening.

The Indies Discovery | WABI SABI BOTANICALS

$128 value

The Offering Ageless Ritual Facial Mist (50 ml)
Tone and tighten your skin with this vitamin- and antioxidant- rich formula to help with the absorption of products before and after use.

Light Reveal Targeted Treatment Serum (10 ml)
Infuse lackluster skin with a vibrant caffeine and carotene glow while smoothing your skin’s appearance.

Valley of Light Illuminative Mask (50 ml)
Smooth fine lines with potent antioxidants and pure Balinese botanicals that will leave your complexion soft and luminous.

The Indies Discovery | RANAVAT BOTANICS

$147 value

Mighty Majesty Fortifying Hair + Skin Serum (50 ml)
Polish and strengthen your locks and skin with a powerful blend of jasmine and alma oils in this luxurious serum.

Jasmine Tonique (50 ml)
Hydrate your skin and smooth the appearance of fine lines with this floral spritz.

Radiant Rani (7 ml)
Banish the appearance of dark circles and blemishes with the brightening power of saffron and rose.

Facial Masques (2 sachets)
Test the divinity of honey-based Flawless Veil and Eternal Reign to illuminate and detoxify your skin.

Limited Edition Indie Beauty Spotlight Discovery | BENEATH YOUR MASK

$139 value

Vegan Heal Whipped Skin Soufflé (200 ml)
Smooth and supple, this exceptional cream prevents, treats and reduces the appearance of damage to the skin.

Nourish Skin & Hair Serum (20 ml)
Regenerate the appearance of your skin while balancing oils soften, improve and strengthen skin and hair.

Polish Detoxifying Scrub (100 ml)
Soothe, alleviate and calm your skin with this super-luxe scrub that will turn your shower into an at-home spa treatment.

Limited Edition Color Discovery | FITGLOW

$111 value

When it comes to a healthy skincare routine, Fitglow Beauty’s Founder Anna Buss believes that makeup is the final step. She formulated Fitglow’s high-performance color lines to nourish, firm and smooth skin’s appearance using pure mineral pigments, organic oils and collagen-boosting plant extracts made with flattering pops of color. Each Discovery includes an exclusive Night Eye & Cheek Palette ($69 value) and complementary Lip Colour Serum ($42 value).

Eye & Cheek Palette + Deep Lip Colour Serum

Paired with Deep Lip Colour Serum, is perfect for a night on the town and includes five eyeshadow shades—Fizz Luminous Cream, Aspen Plum Brown, Oak Luminous Gold Brown, Rolo Chocolate Bronze Brown and Carob Deep Coffee Bronze—and Kind Warm Nude Blush.

Level Up Discovery | AYUNA

$190 value

Balm - Volcanic Revitalizing Mask - 2.7 oz | 80 ml
Cream Natural Rejuvenating Treatment - 15 ml

Level Up Discovery | INNERSENSE

$82 value

Hydrating Cream Hairbath - 10 oz.
Hydrating Cream Conditioner - 10 oz.
Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner - 10 oz.

Level Up Discovery | MODERN MINERALS

$130 value

Styling Jelly - 100 ml
Texture Mist - 100ml
Dry Shampoo - 4 oz | 115g
Lip Gloss - 3g

Level Up Discovery | MAYA CHIA

$102 value

Supercritical Omega-3 Chia Face Oil - 1 oz. | 30 ml
The Highlight of the Day (Golden Hour) - 0.5 oz | 15 ml

Past Discovery | INLIGHT BEAUTY

$187 value

Line Softener Intensive (full-size 28 ml)
Super-Food Mask (full-size 28 ml)

Past Discovery |  MAX AND ME

$123 value

Sweet Serenity Mask & Wash (full-size 30 ml)
The Intuitive (deluxe travel size 20 ml)

Past Discovery |  JANE SCRIVNER

$98 value

Cleansing Balm (50 ml)
Two Fluffy Cleansing Mitts
OO Cream (50 ml)


$122 value

Clean Shampoo - Amber Rose (250 ml)
Clean Conditioner (200 ml)
Scented Hair Oil (30 ml)

Past Discovery | DE MAMIEL

$105 value

Brightening Cleanse and Exfoliate (70 g)
Skin Recovery Blend (6 ml)