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Kahina Giving Beauty

Kessa Mitt

Kahina Giving Beauty imports the Kessa Mitt which is a traditional and highly-effective mitt that can be used daily to visibly improve the look of vitality, smoothness, and glowing skin. While the Kessa Mitt is the perfect companion to Kahina Giving Beauty's Beldi soap, it's also ideal for pairing with your favorite body product.


Begin by warming the skin in steam of shower for 2-3 minutes. With the water turned off, apply a thin layer of Kahina Giving Beauty Beldi Soap from feet to neck and massage into a lather with hands. Allow the Beldi Soap to sit on the skin for 3-7 minutes, then follow with a vigorous body massage in circular motions using the exfoliating mitt by Kahina Giving Beauty. Rinse with warm water.


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Rayon With Elastic Wrist Band


Founder Katharine L'Heureux discovered argan oil on a 2007 trip to Morocco where she became enchanted with the beauty traditions of its indigenous Berber women. Inspired to build a modern beauty line based on their traditional beauty rituals, she sources her ingredients through working cooperatives that directly benefit the women of this semi-desert region. Katharine visits regularly to gauge how Giving Beauty can best support the women of the region which so far has included funding the organic certification of a women's argan oil cooperative, providing housing and drinking water for girls in school, buying sheep to provide wool and milk and planting trees in rural villages. Each of Kahina Giving Beauty's argan-infused bottles bears the signatures of the women who extract the precious golden oil, recognized as the artisan heroines behind the brand and emblematic of the exchange of beauty and energy that make up this consciously crafted skin care line. Using its signature ingredient, argan oil, in conjunction with pure botanical actives, this sophisticated collection matches luxury with soul.

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