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Meridian Massage Comb

Meridian Massage Comb Meridian Massage Comb Meridian Massage Comb Meridian Massage Comb

Meridian Massage Comb


A luxurious tool to elevate any haircare routine, YINA’s Meridian Massage Comb was inspired by ancient East Asian wellness rituals, this comb is designed to gently massage and stimulate your scalp to promote relaxation and revitalization. Regular practice helps to support a healthy scalp to release tension and facial adhesion, improve sleep and mood as well as to support optimal hair growth. Hand-crafted in small batches, these combs are sustainably made from natural buffalo horn which is lightweight and packed with keratin. The rounded, wide tooth design was designed to help gently detangle hair and release tension.

Please Note: Each comb has unique colors and patterns 


Comb from front and top of hairline towards the back with firm pressure. Spend extra time on areas with tension for a deeper release. 


Full Ingredient List

Water Buffalo Horn  


YINA is an artisan green beauty brand inspired by the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. YINA was founded by Licensed Acupuncturist and formulator Angela Chau and Dr. Ervina Wu, A Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and registered TCM Dermatologist. Together Angela and Ervina spent years perfecting YINA’s one-of-a-kind formulations, and each individual product is tested for two years after which it is manufactured exclusively at their in-house lab. Their process includes sourcing and processing raw ingredients according to the lunar and seasonal cycles, capturing the optimal living energy of the diverse range of precious traditional botanicals featured throughout YINA’s luxury range of skincare.


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