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Activist Mānuka

Activist Survival Kit Raw Mānuka Honey Box Set Trio

$150 $162

A $162 Value available for $150!

Activist Mānuka Honey Survival Kit is our box set trio featuring three different grades of Activist Mānuka Honey. A great offering to incorporate into your daily lifestyle or as a gift for a special person in your life. Give Freely. 

The Box Set Trio includes: 

1 - 850+ MGO Mānuka – 8.8oz / 250g
1 - 300+ MGO Mānuka - 12oz / 340g
1 - 100+ MGO Mānuka - 12oz / 340g


Enjoy the Mānuka honey as part of an ongoing healthy and active lifestyle to support your overall wellbeing.


Superpower Ingredients

Mānuka Honey

Full Ingredient List

Raw Manuka Honey


Activist Raw Mānuka Honey is wildcrafted in Aotearoa, New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native Mānuka Bush during a short seasonal window in the spring and summer. Their Mānuka Honey is a beautiful and rare resource with considerably higher levels of enzymes and antibacterial properties than found in other honey. It is truly one of Mother Nature's special gifts.

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