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Bio All-Beauty Sponges

Bio All-Beauty Sponges Bio All-Beauty Sponges Bio All-Beauty Sponges

Bio All-Beauty Sponges



The Ere Perez All-Beauty Bio Sponges, are firm but still soft, giving skin a seamless streak-free finish, and instantly enhance your favorite makeup product. The pointed sponge is designed to cover blemishes & for precise makeup application, and the slanted sponge is best used for effortless contouring and controlled stippling. These versatile beauty sponges are made entirely from plant-based biodegradable materials. After 3-6 months of use, dispose in your compost responsibly.


Use damp or dry in a gentle patting motion to apply, blend, and set your makeup, without pulling or tugging the skin. Wash after each use, or more realistically, as often as you can with a gentle cleanser. Let your favorite foundation or cream blush/highlighter blend into the skin. After 3-6 months, dispose in your compost responsibly. 


A Mexican-born, Australia-dwelling mama of three, Ere Perez knows a thing or two about creating synergy and harmony. Growing up, Ere benefitted from a culture rich in tradition, spicy foods, bold colors, and passion-fueled art. Her grandparents were natural healers who introduced Ere to the power of plants, and her mother encouraged her to experiment with beetroot to stain her lips, wary of anything conventional that may contain synthetic and harmful ingredients. Ere was raised to revere the land, its potential, and its people, so when she migrated to Sydney, Australia, she rooted down with these values pulsing through her. Sydney, with its chic simplicity and easy-going beach culture, inspired Ere in new ways: the food was clean and light, her natural surroundings near Bondi Beach were breathtaking. The richness of her Mexican roots juxtaposed with the freshness of her new home gave Ere a unique point of view when it came to natural cosmetics: she was looking for bold color made with clean ingredients that she could afford. Not finding what she was looking for, Ere decided to create it. Fifteen years later, Ere Perez is a global brand rooted in passion and simplicity, striking the perfect balance in quality, affordability, and fun!


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