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The Forest Retreat Calming Facial Treatment

The Forest Retreat Calming Facial Treatment - Beauty Heroes® The Forest Retreat Calming Facial Treatment - Beauty Heroes® The Forest Retreat Calming Facial Treatment - Beauty Heroes® The Forest Retreat Calming Facial Treatment - Beauty Heroes® The Forest Retreat Calming Facial Treatment - Beauty Heroes® The Forest Retreat Calming Facial Treatment - Beauty Heroes® The Forest Retreat Calming Facial Treatment - Beauty Heroes® The Forest Retreat Calming Facial Treatment - Beauty Heroes® The Forest Retreat Calming Facial Treatment - Beauty Heroes® The Forest Retreat Calming Facial Treatment - Beauty Heroes®

The Forest Retreat Calming Facial Treatment

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Encompassing years long research, scientific knowledge around the effects of stress hormones on the skin, ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and the power of natural extracts, The Forest Retreat was designed to help support redness reduction, de-stress and holistically improve the appearance of skin conditions. This scientifically formulated emulsion incorporates 14 potent natural extracts thoughtfully combining traditional adaptogenic plants, mushrooms, sustainably sourced moss tissue culture extract and vosgian fir seed oil. A multi-targeted, clinically-inspired solution with wild indigo, best suited for stressed skin leaving it feeling resilient, reinforced and calm. 

The Forest Retreat Calming Treatment was clinically tested to measurably brighten the skin with a  Skin Colorimeter® CL 400 scientific measuring probe by Courage + Khazaka, a leading German skin testing equipment company with a mission to objectively quantify skin parameters.


Morning and night, apply a small amount to face and neck. Massage gently upwards and outwards starting from the centre of the face, focusing on red or irritated areas.


Superpower Ingredients

Ashwagandha, Gotu Kola, Indigo, Maitake, Reishi, Shiitake

Full Ingredient List

Aqua (Water), Linum Usitatissimum (Flax) Seed Oil, Glycerin, Isomalt, Propanediol, Abies Alba (Silver Fir) Seed Oil, Sodium Levulinate, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Seed Extract, Ribes Nigrum Bud Cera, Astragalus Membranaceus (Huangqi) Root Extract, Atractylodes Macrocephala Root Extract, Bupleurum Falcatum Root Extract, Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) Leaf Extract, Tocopherol, Magnolia Officinalis Bark Extract, Tephrosia Purpurea (Indigo) Seed Extract, Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha) Root Extract, Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi) Stem Extract, Lentinus Edodes Mycelium (Shiitake) Extract, Grifola Frondosa (Maitake) Fruiting Body Extract, Phytol, Xanthan Gum, Pentylene Glycol, Glyceryl Caprylate, Inulin Lauryl Carbamate, Sodium Anisate, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Lactic Acid, Sodium Phytate, Citric Acid, Limonene


Oio Lab is a highly effective green beauty brand from Poland, founded by by Joanna Ryglewicz in 2018. She developed a fascination with healthy skincare and discovered a large gap between efficacy, ingredient sustainability and authenticity, so she turnedher passion into Oio Lab. Joanna combines unique organic botanicals sourced carefully from the most sustainably conscious suppliers and pairs them with clinical actives, while staying true to her values of being kind to the earth with every decision.

All Oio Lab products are made at their in-house laboratory in Poland led by a team of certified chemists and in cooperation with pharmacognosy departments of leading life sciences and medical universities. Focusing on the transparency of her process, she tests each product clinically sharing the remarkable, detailed results on each test. Beauty Heroes is proud to be one of the exclusive partners of Oio Lab bringing this European efficacious and intelligent skincare collection to the world. 


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Basak I.
United States United States

Facial Wholeness with Oio Lab!

I recently decided to give it a try to Oio Labs. After cleansing, I use the Mineral spray, which smells like a milder version of ACV but is not pungent. I use the eye serum, Aquasphere Hydrating facial serum, and finally finish with the Forest Retreat calming facial treatment. All these products complement one another and are minimally scented. They seem to give me a glow, smoothing my lines and wrinkles. I wish they had a cleaner in their skincare line, but they don’t make it. I will continue to use them and may even test others in their product line. Oio Lab can be an alternative to Vintner’s daughter's skincare cost-wise.



I cannot THANK Beauty Heroes enough for carrying Oio Lab. This product has changed my sensitive skin to be clear, red free, and naturally glowing. I never write reviews but I hope BH continues to carry this product as it leads the way with innovative clean beauty! A very happy, glowing customer from Houston thanks you!

Marilyn P.
United States United States


I have sensitive skin and this really light cream calms it - almost on contact. I discovered this at Beauty Heroes and I'm so happy I have. I won't be without it. What a great product for cuperose, rosacea, sensitive skin. Kind of amazing.

United States United States

Deeply Hydrating

This is my favorite discovery of 2022! It's deeply hydrating without being heavy, it's instantly calming and actually brightening. My skin gets really dry during the colder months when the heat kicks on. Nothing really helps as its the environment drying out my skin so I would layer up and drink lots of water. Enter The Forest Retreat and my skin is not having this problem at all when I use it. My skin is hydrated and plump and the heat is turned up. It's also brightening! I do not usually see a brightening in my skin from skincare but I do with this serum so that's nice. Consider me impressed.


Beauty Heroes®

We just love reading reviews like this! We are thrilled to hear that Oio was your favorite discovery of 2022! Wow! What a testimonial.


Deeply Hydrating

This serum is extraordinary. It’s my top Hero Discovery of 2022. It’s deeply hydrating without being heavy. When the colder months kick in and the heater turns on my skin stays dry. Nothing has ever really helped. However, this Forest Emulsion serum keeps my skin hydrated. I don’t have to use it morning and night either. The hydration last. It also brightens. I’ve always considered that term to be over used but consider me shocked because it actually does brighten the skin. You know what else I really love about this serum? It’s not in a base of aloe! No hate against aloe but it’s the base of almost all green beauty skincare. This serum is unique and effective and I highly recommend it.

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