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Rose On Rose Body Roller

Rose On Rose Body Roller - Beauty Heroes® Rose On Rose Body Roller - Beauty Heroes®

Rose On Rose Body Roller



Jenny Patinkin wanted to create a tool so people could experience the benefits of facial rolling on the body so she created the Rose On Rose Body Roller. Done all over the body, rolling can aid with the relaxation of tight or strained muscles, help reduce the feeling and look of inflammation and fluid retention in the skin tissue, and improve circulation to give the skin a radiant glow and reduce the overall feeling of stress. 


To aid with lymphatic drainage: Use 1-4 times a week. Starting with the upper half of the body, apply light to medium pressure just under the collar bone and then roll in a short stroke upwards to just over the collar bone. On the arms, move in long strokes upwards from the elbows, aiming for the armpits. Roll over each area three to four times.

For the lower half of the body, start by pressing into the groin area on each side of the body and slightly wiggle the roller from side to side. On the legs, roll from the feet up to the knees and then the knees up to the groin. On the backs of the legs, roll upwards from the knees over the backs of the thighs and then around the hips to the groin.

For muscle release: Use as frequently as desired. Using a combination of long and short firm strokes on the affected areas, gently move the roller in a back and forth motion, intermittently holding it in place while adding additional pressure with a slight wiggling motion. Repeat as desired.


Full Ingredient List

Rose Quartz


Jenny Patinkin is a beauty expert, entrepreneur, makeup artist and author known for her age-friendly and earth-friendly approach to beauty. Her namesake line of eco-luxe beauty tools has been praised by celebrity makeup artists and beauty influencers. Her products are handmade by skilled artisans using only sustainable sourced, vegan, non-toxic or recyclable with products and packaging designed.


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