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Teddy Double Cheek Brush

Teddy Double Cheek Brush - Beauty Heroes® Teddy Double Cheek Brush - Beauty Heroes®

Teddy Double Cheek Brush


Fitglow Teddy Double Cheek Brush is a makeup lover's must-have beauty tool. Super soft vegan bristles give a makeup application that is smooth and delicate on the skin. The rounded end of the brush makes foundation look refined and flawless, while the angled brush provides effortless contouring. The perfect brushes for applying both powder and cream formulas, and may also be used with bronzer, highlighter, and blush. This beauty makes touch-ups a breeze.


Use the rounded brush to apply and blend foundation and bronzer. The angled brush may be used to strategically apply highlighter and blush. Wash with mild cleanser and water and allow to air dry.



When a lifelong athlete encounters the same skin hurdle time and time again, she handles it the only way she knows how: head-on. Anna Buss battled rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and sensitive skin her whole life. Her love and understanding of the human body gave her a unique perspective on solving her skin woes: instead of forcing the skin into submission, learn to speak its language and transform its behavior from the inside out. After years of R&D to understand how the skin works, Anna left her corporate job and founded Fitglow Beauty, a passion project-turned-high performance skincare and color cosmetics line, backed by volumes of evidence-based research.


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