Limited Edition Indie Beauty Spotlight Discovery


NOTE: Limited Edition discoveries do not qualify towards our LOVE MORE gift included with all orders $125+ from our Beauty Store.

They are fresh, philanthropic, female beauty entrepreneurs with breakthrough brands! Introducing our first-ever Indie Beauty Discovery: three separate Discoveries featuring three of the buzziest brands of the year: Ranavat Botanics, Beneath Your Mask and Wabi-Sabi Botanicals.

Ranavat Botanics Discovery, by Founder Michelle Ranavat
$147 value

Mighty Majesty Fortifying Hair + Skin Serum (50 ml)
Polish and strengthen your locks and skin with a powerful blend of jasmine and alma oils in this luxurious serum.

Jasmine Tonique (50 ml)
Hydrate your skin and smooth the appearance of fine lines with this floral spritz.

Radiant Rani (7 ml)
Banish the appearance of dark circles and blemishes with the brightening power of saffron and rose.

Facial Masques (2 single-use sachets)
Test the divinity of honey-based Flawless Veil and Eternal Reign to illuminate and detoxify your skin.

Beneath Your Mask Discovery, by Founder Dana Jackson
$139 value

Vegan Heal Whipped Skin Soufflé (200 ml)
Smooth and supple, this exceptional cream prevents, treats and reduces the appearance of damage to the skin.

Nourish Skin & Hair Serum (20 ml)
Regenerate the appearance of your skin while balancing oils soften, improve and strengthen skin and hair.

Polish Detoxifying Scrub (100 ml)
Soothe, alleviate and calm your skin with this super-luxe scrub that will turn your shower into an at-home spa treatment.

Wabi-Sabi Botanicals Discovery, by Founder Elysse Crabtree
$128 value

The Offering Ageless Ritual Facial Mist (50 ml)
Tone and tighten your skin with this vitamin- and antioxidant- rich formula to help with the absorption of products before and after use.

Light Reveal Targeted Treatment Serum (10 ml)
Infuse lackluster skin with a vibrant caffeine and carotene glow while smoothing your skin’s appearance.

Valley of Light Illuminative Mask (50 ml)
Smooth fine lines with potent antioxidants and pure Balinese botanicals that will leave your complexion soft and luminous.

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Customer Reviews

Gitanjali D. - 12/05/2018

Instant Results

Wabi Sabi ritual gave me instant results of GLOWING skin. As in look like I was wearing luminescent foundation. AMAZING. In light may be the best under eye treatment I have ever tried for my hereditary dark circles and I have tried a lot of treatments from conventional to green to clean to prescription. Seriously impressed.

Andi M. - 11/25/2018

Beneath Your Mask is amazing!

I bought the set from Beneath Your Mask, and I’m in love! It’s not often that I buy a set like this and like absolutely everything in it. But Beneath Your Mask is truly a discovery for me! Lemongrass is one of my favorite scents, and that is the predominant scent in this set. The salt scrub is so rich that you only need a small bit (quarter-sized) to do your entire leg (for example). The skin soufflé sinks right in (I use it on my arms at bedtime), and I love the lemongrass scent that remains. And the skin and hair serum is the loveliest surprise. I have a lot of serums, but this one is seriously my favorite product in this set. It’s phenomenal on my hair and skin, but it works miraculously on my HANDS. It soaks in in about a minute with absolutely no remaining greasiness. And it keeps my hands moisturized for several hours, even after a couple of hand washings. This serum is better than any other hand cream or balm I’ve ever tried. I’ll definitely repurchase all of these products when I run out!

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