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Relief Melts

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Relief Melts

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“I was skeptical at first, however this made **** a GAME CHANGER. Allow the full 30 minutes before use and ENJOY. It helped relax and lube for long term pleasure.”

- Amanda

Foria Relief Suppositories were created for people who have painful cramping before or during their periods, and for those who have chronic discomfort and inflammation in their genital and pelvic region. Each suppository delivers 100mg of broad-spectrum hemp right where you need it.


Foria Relief suppositories are usually most effective just before or when cramping starts, to help prevent inflammation and pelvic discomfort. Elevate your hips and insert the suppository as deeply as possible, and allow some time for the CBD to absorb into the local tissues. After you stand up again, some oil may still drip out of your body. This is normal, but you may want to use a liner or tampon.


Superpower Ingredients


Full Ingredient List

Organic-certified fair trade cocoa butter*, 100mg Broad-spectrum hemp extract**


**USDA organic-certified, regeneratively-grown hemp


De-stressing while reacquainting ourselves with pleasure is a notion that Foria Wellness celebrates. In fact, they believe that pleasure is the antidote to stress, and that sex and wellness are interchangeable. With deep expertise in the use botanicals, Foria Wellness has created an innovative range of sexual wellness products - from natural lubricants to suppositories - that are infused with organic hemp to create the biological conditions for great sex.  While Foria’s products don’t directly increase or decrease sex hormones, topical application does increase blood flow, a vital part of arousal while also regulating our stress response, which has an immediate downstream effect on our body’s ability to relax, release tension and reduce pain, key contributors to pleasurable sex. Foria’s products combine the benefits of broad-spectrum hemp from USDA organic-certified and regeneratively managed farms, with organic and sustainably grown plant extracts that enhance and amplify the effects. Their 100% plant-based, organic ingredients are presented in thoughtful, beautiful packaging that also puts less stress on the planet.


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United States United States

These Suppositories Changed My Life!!!!!!!!!!

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis almost 15 years ago now. I thought I would never find a solution to my debilitating pain and had decided that my life would just have to come to a screeching halt once a month when I would be doubled over sobbing in bed for 5 straight days. Then, I found Foria's Relief Suppositories. The first time I used a suppository it was the night before my dreaded period and didn't think much about it---until the following day. I woke up with the same nerves in my stomach that I get every month expecting the searing pain but it never came! At first I was worried that I wasn't going to start my period at all but it came just as it does every month. I immediately broke down into tears because I knew that I'd found the solution to my debilitating pain that I never thought I would! I continued to use the suppositories while I was on my period and the pain that was once a *15 had diminished to a mere *5 and the more I used the suppositories the less and less I felt the cramping that used to keep me in bed for days. I find that using a suppository the night before bleeding is the best practice for my body and by day 4, I break the suppository in half and use 1/2 rectally and 1/2 Vaginally for the best pain relief ever! **Make sure that you keep your pelvis elevated and allow the suppository time to melt so that the CBD absorbs fully. They're also totally fine to use with tampons :-) I thank the angel who created this product every month and will continue to use these suppositories for the rest of my life and encourage anyone suffering in pain every month to give these suppositories a try. I hope that they'll change your life as they have absolutely changed mine for the better. THANK YOU FORIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Beauty Heroes®

Hi Casey, We are so happy to hear that you have had major relief using the suppositories, we know how painful endometriosis can be! Thank you for choosing Beauty Heroes and sharing your experience : )

United States United States

Totally worth it

I honestly really thought I would be wasting my money when I purchased these but I was searching for anything that would relieve my chronic pelvic pain. Wow! I’m so glad I researched and found Foria. These suppositories really do relieve most of the pain! Although, The packaging is a little difficult to open and I suggest storing them in the fridge so they are easier to insert. Also, It does leak out so I find laying in a horizontal position with your legs up for 15-20 min and wearing a panty liner just in case.

Ernestina G.
United States United States

What a relief

Gives comfort to a very uncomfortable situation easily.


Beauty Heroes®

We are thrilled you've found this wonderful product to support through discomfort. Thanks for taking a moment to share your review! Hero On!

United States United States

What I thought.

I’m not sure if it’s safe but I’m a guy and I tried it and I loved it.


Beauty Heroes®

Hi There, Yes, these are absolutely safe for vaginal, anal and oral sex. Just 2 organic, plant-based ingredients. Enjoy!

Jaclyn T.
United States United States

So far, not bad

I bought this because I have chronic pain due to vulvitis/vaginitis and was grasping at straws to find any help. This does help the pain enough so I can go to sleep. Like with most things, I wish I got a few more suppositories for the price but it is worth it for me.

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