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Rose On Rose Derma Roller

Rose On Rose Derma Roller - Beauty Heroes® Rose On Rose Derma Roller - Beauty Heroes® Rose On Rose Derma Roller - Beauty Heroes® Rose On Rose Derma Roller - Beauty Heroes® Rose On Rose Derma Roller - Beauty Heroes®

Rose On Rose Derma Roller



Derma Rolling is a fast, painless, and low-tech way to help enhance the performance of your favorite skincare products while also helping to boost the feeling of circulation and soothe the appearance of tension.

The tiny needles create thousands of points of entry in your skin, while the Rose Quartz acupressure bulb helps to reduce the feeling of tension and to help reduce the appearance of inflammation. Rose Quartz is also believed to emit energy healing properties associated with feelings of love, self-esteem, warmth, and compassion.



* Lightly roll over each area of the face – cheeks, chin, and forehead – moving the roller in one fluid back and forth motion until each area has been covered. Roll under eyes as tolerated. Do not roll over lips, eyelids or nose.
* Start rolling in a vertical pattern, then repeat each area of the face in horizontal and both diagonal patterns.
* Use Derma Roller once a week to start, increasing to twice a week or more if tolerated.

Rock and Radiate:

* Gently press the Rose Quartz bulb into any areas of inflammation or any pressure points on the face and neck. Recommended areas are under eyes, brow bone, under cheekbones, in temples, sinus areas, in front of the ears, around the mouth, or at the base of the neck.

* Lightly rock or glide back and forth to reduce inflammation and release tension.


    Do not apply makeup on freshly rolled skin.  Do not use on inflamed, cystic, or broken out skin. Replace roller head after 20 uses. Spray roller head with rubbing alcohol after each use and store upright with needles freestanding.


    Full Ingredient List

    2x 0.2mm Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel Microneedle Roller Heads

    1x Rose Gold Plated Wand w/Rose Quartz Acupressure Ball


    Jenny Patinkin is a beauty expert, entrepreneur, makeup artist and author known for her age-friendly and earth-friendly approach to beauty. Her namesake line of eco-luxe beauty tools has been praised by celebrity makeup artists and beauty influencers. Her products are handmade by skilled artisans using only sustainable sourced, vegan, non-toxic or recyclable with products and packaging designed.


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