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The Hair Refresh Bundle

The Hair Refresh Bundle The Hair Refresh Bundle The Hair Refresh Bundle

The Hair Refresh Bundle




Help to regenerate the appearance of your hair with the The Hair Refresh Bundle - a must-have duo to bring back shine, volume and strength to your hair. 

The Mane Agent Bond Repair -

The Mane Agent Advanced Molecular Bond Repair is an innovative, multi-correctional, at-home, no-rinse, lightweight bonding treatment that deploys patented active ingredients to reduce the appearance of breakage, repair the appearance of damaged hair and enhance the look of hair volume while deeply nurturing the hair’s bonds.

Formulated with a proprietary blend of Chia Seed Extract, Polysaccharides, Ferment and Amino Acids, this ultra-lightweight yet potent formula pushes the bounds of clean science.

These ingredients work synergistically to covalently bond with keratin fragments in the hair, reinforcing weakened areas, and providing enhanced protection. Additionally, clinically-proven components form extended molecular chains within the hair shaft, fortifying damaged keratin fibers for long-lasting strength

The Power Fol Advanced Multi-Correctional Scalp and Hair Treatment -

Power Fol is a patent-pending, fast-absorbing, ultra-lightweight, yet potent infusion of the most nutrient-dense proprietary blend of Multiple Peptide Sources, Amino Acids, Collagen (from a vegetable source), High-Quality Antioxidants, Fermented Minerals, Phyto-Actives and Adaptogens.

The formulation takes a comprehensive approach to overall hair wellness, encouraging the look of denser, stronger and healthier hair. Additionally, Pea Peptides impart immediate visible volume to the hair in addition to providing proven long-term benefits..  


See individual listing for how to use instructions. 


Full Ingredient List

See individual product page for full ingredient listing. 


Through her lifelong fascination with the rituals of the Mayan culture, Susanne Norwitz, Founder of Maya Chia, discovered that chia seeds, a Mayan superfood, produced the most omega and nutritionally dense oil in nature, clinically proven to increase skin hydration, improve skin barrier function and reduce transepidermal water loss. Motivated to bring this Mayan gift to the masses, she delved into her own research to identify the purest method for extraction to ensure the integrity of the oil remains as close to its original plant-based form as possible. It is the patented, supercritical extraction method of chia seed oil that makes Maya Chia a star. Maya ChiaÕs mission is to support beautiful skin powered by natureÕs most active botanicals. Each beauty product in the line boasts a super concentration of active ingredients that strike the perfect balance of omegas, antioxidants, and minerals to deeply moisturize and nourish the skin. Susanne now sources all of her chia seed oil from sustainable cooperatives in Central and South America and donates a portion of the companyÕs net profits to organizations that build farms and schools in Mayan communities.


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