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Sisal Bar Saver Bag

Sisal Bar Saver Bag Sisal Bar Saver Bag
Good Juju

Sisal Bar Saver Bag



The Sisal Bar Saver Bag is the perfect way to use the final pieces of your soap bars. As you near the end of your bar and the pieces get too small to easily handle, just pop them in the bag, run under warm water and lather up! Sisal is a natural plant fibre and member of the agave cactus family. The texture of the bag helps produce a rich, luxurious lather, and exfoliates the skin and scalp.


Place the small pieces of your shampoo/conditioner bar in the Sisal bag, run under warm water and lather up!


Full Ingredient List

Agave Sisalana (Sisal)


Say hello to Good Juju. Inspired and empowered to make incremental changes in ones daily routine, Co-Founders Lisa and Alexa spent years together working in the natural health industry. Wanting to make a stance against unnecessary single-use plastic to aid the planet and educate the public on how small actions create a ripple effect for the world. A zero waste lifestyle can sometimes feel overwhelming for some, but Good Juju is here to show the power we have to create a difference. By making all-natural, solid, plastic-free body care products, Good Juju is on a mission to prevent 50 million plastic bottles from entering the waste system by 2030.


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