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The Quickie Kit

The Quickie Kit The Quickie Kit The Quickie Kit

The Quickie Kit



Let's foray into the world of sexual wellness with a Limited Edition bundle by Foria, the first brand to create comprehensive product lines for intimacy, relief, and optimal wellbeing for women and people with vulvas. Included are all the bestsellers from the intimacy collection in deluxe mini sizes. Get ready to use anytime, anywhere. 


15 ml Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD - A best-selling sexual wellness oil to help stimulate arousal, relax muscles and ease tension by also enhancing pleasure, making great sex even easier.

15 ml Sex Oil with CBD - A sex staple that provides all-naural moisture to any body part on any body. Upgrade your slip to a slide.

2 Intimacy Suppositories with CBD - For some, intimacy means going deep. These suppositories can be used pre-sex, to enhance arousal, or post-sex to soothe soreness.


See individual product page for details.


Full Ingredient List

See individual product page for full ingredients listing.


De-stressing while reacquainting ourselves with pleasure is a notion that Foria celebrates. In fact, they believe that pleasure is the antidote to stress, and that sex and wellness are interchangeable. With deep expertise in the use botanicals, Foria has created an innovative range of sexual wellness products - from natural lubricants to suppositories - that are infused with organic hemp to create the biological conditions for great sex. While Foria’s products don’t directly increase or decrease sex hormones, topical application does increase blood flow, a vital part of arousal while also regulating our stress response, which has an immediate downstream effect on our body’s ability to relax, release tension and reduce pain, key contributors to pleasurable sex. Foria’s products combine the benefits of broad-spectrum hemp from USDA organic-certified and regeneratively managed farms, with organic and sustainably grown plant extracts that enhance and amplify the effects. Their 100% plant-based, organic ingredients are presented in thoughtful, beautiful packaging that also puts less stress on the planet.


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